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100 of My Favorite Movie Quotes

#12 I watched Ever After during the weekend.....cause I was in the mood for a fluffy romance movie. One of my favorite quotes from this film is when Henry and his father, the King, are arguing because Henry doesn't want to get married: 


King Francis: You are the Crown Prince of France! 
Henry: And it is my life. 
Queen Marie: Francis, sit down before you have a stroke. Really. the two of you. 
[to Henry
Queen Marie: Sweetheart... you were born to privilege and with that comes specific obligations. 
Henry: Forgive me, Mother, but marriage to a complete stranger never made anyone in this room very happy  (awwww snap! um...awkward)
King Francis: You will marry Gabriella by the next full moon or I will strike at you in any way I can. 
Henry: What's it to be, father, hot oil or the rack? 
King Francis: I will simply deny you the crown and... live forever. (hahahaha...=D)
Henry: Good. Agreed. I don't want it. 
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